Pariah is a 23 year old RnB singer/songwriter born in Leeds and raised in Bristol. She has been singing and performing as long as her family can remember. Joining a musical theatre group at age 11, her passion for singing, dancing and acting grew and she started writing songs at 12 years old. From then she explored music within girl groups, musical theatre groups and writing and recording her own songs at home on existing instrumentals.

After working with talented producers, Pariah released her debut EP “Limit” in May 2018. Written in a time of self – discovery for Pariah, the EP is an honest exploration of our own limits; the limitations put on us by ourselves and others and finding the strength to break them. 

Pariah released her second EP “Fly” in March 2019 which is about leaving a toxic relationship, having time to self-reflect and then choosing self-acceptance to celebrate hard work, a healthier life and the people in it.

She now hopes to explore the many elements of herself, inspire, spread love and encourage people to support each other in life. She wants to take her music career “as far as she’s willing to work” and there’s much more to come!

Keep up to date here and on Pariah’s Instagram: @Pariah2Society